Children and Special Needs Policy

Children and Persons with Special Needs in the Library

The Wanaque Public Library welcomes children and their caregivers and family.  In an effort to provide a safe, relaxed atmosphere allowing all patrons to utilize the library, the Board of Trustees has adopted the following polices in accordance with the New Jersey State Statutes.

  1. J.S.A. 9:6-8.21 Prohibits parents from endangering the welfare of their children
  2. J.S.A. 30:5B-1 Prohibits the library from functioning as a child care center unless licensed by the State of New Jersey.
  3. An unattended child is a child of any age who is apparently not accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Children who are not able or not willing to care for themselves may not be left alone in the building or on the library grounds at any time.
  4. The library acknowledges that children mature at different biological ages. Therefore,
  5. Children under the age of seven (7) must have a responsible caregiver over the age of 12 within immediate vicinity (same floor).
  6. Children under the age of 11 must have a responsible caregiver in the building.
  7. In cases of children with special needs, the caregiver MUST remain with the child at all times, despite the biological age of the child.
  8. Children 12 and over may remain in the library without an adult. However, should any issues arise, whether disciplinary, physical emergency, or building emergency, after making every effort to contact a parent or caregiver, the Library staff will contact the Wanaque Police for assistance.  After the child leaves the building, the Library staff has no responsibility for him or her.
  9. Adults who can not care for themselves independently without the constant supervision of a caregiver may not be left alone in the library building or on library grounds at any time.
  10. Parents or Caregivers MUST pick up the child 15 minutes before closing. Staff will approach the child to confirm that the child has a ride home or that the child will be picked up before closing.  If the child can not confirm this, the staff will attempt to contact a parent or caregiver.  If the parent or caregiver does not arrive by closing, both staff members will wait 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes the staff will contact the Wanaque Police.
  11. In the case of inclement weather when the schools have closed early, parents should not ask children to come to the library since it is likely the library will be closing as well.
  12. Adults who do not have a specific reason to be in the children’s library will be asked to move to another part of the library. Repeated requests may result in further actions as deemed appropriate by the Library Director.


Adopted May 23, 2017  by the Wanaque Library Board of Trustees