Haskell and Wanaque Read Together

Last year, the Wanaque Library Trustees and the Wanaque Borough Councilmen agreed to donate to the library if our community read at least 10,000 minutes over the summer. We beat that goal by over 100%, clocking in at about 22,000 minutes. Help us do it again! This summer we are reaching for 25,000 minutes. 

If you’re age 13 or older, you can help! Pre-register for the challenge here: http://wanaquelibrary.beanstack.org/  (if you didn’t participate last year, you’ll need to create a free account first). Then just keep track of how much time you read between June 21 and August 31. The free Beanstack app for your smartphone includes a timer so it’s even easier to log your reading time. (Younger kids can participate too, through Tails and Tales)

Not much of a reader? You can also support Haskell and Wanaque Read Together by becoming a sponsor. Just pledge to donate a certain amount to the library’s foundation (you choose the amount) if we reach our community goal, and we’ll include your name on our sponsor list. Local businesses, community organizations, and individual can all be sponsors. You can also pledge in honor of someone, for instance a grandparent could pledge on behalf of their grandchild.

On May 26, Pizza One of Haskell became our first sponsor! They pledged to donate $100 if we reach our community goal. Thank you, Pizza One!