Magazines Galore – free with RBDigital

Hi everyone,

Let’s talk magazines! If you’re anything like me, you often buy them on impulse as you’re checking out at the grocery. Now that we’re all limiting how often we go to the grocery, it’s gotten a little harder for me to get my magazine fix.

While I still prefer print magazines over digital magazines, at this point it’s any port in a storm. So let me tell you about RBDigital, a service that allows you to download and read over 3,000 magazines – for free!

I’ve captured the covers of some current magazines that might serve to distract you from our current curve-flattening situation: Garden Gate, Modern Gardens, Taste of Home, Food Network, Highlights for Kids, The Week Junior (a news magazine for kids), The Essential Guide to Family History (what better time than when you’re stuck at home to work on genealogy?) and Amateur Gardening (a British magazine). These are just a few of the available magazines. RBDigital also offers free access to comics and graphic novels (as does Hoopla, another free service provided by the library).

Once you have signed up for an account and downloaded the magazine to your device, it never expires – you can keep it for as long as you’re still reading it! If you need help getting started with RBDigital, or if you want to get a library card so you can browse this fun resource, just email us at for help.

Stay safe, fellow citizens!