Tutoring Policy

Tutoring Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Wanaque Public Library recognizes that tutoring is an activity that supports the educational mission of the library.

The Library offers its space to those tutors who are authorized by the local Boards of Education to provide Homebound Instruction.  The library also provides space to tutors who are volunteering their time via ESL or Literacy Volunteers.

Tutors who are being paid via private enterprise, that is, privately from a parent or caregiver, should not use the public space for their profit.  PAID TUTORS SHALL NOT advertise or advocate the Wanaque Public Library as their place of business.  Library programs and needs shall at all times supercede private enterprise, or paid private tutoring. The Library will not assume responsibility for the activities of tutors who use this facility in violation of this policy.

In all cases, tutors should come prepared to assist the students in his or her educational goal.  The library can not provide resources such as calculators, graphing paper, flash drives, markers, etc.

Tutors, parents, caregivers and their students shall comply with our Children and Youth Policy as well as our Patrons Bill of Rights.

Conversations between parents and tutors should take place outside of the library building, in accordance with our patron’s rights to enjoy a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

ALL tutoring shall end 15 minutes before the library closes, so that staff may begin closing procedures.

Adopted May 23, 2017 by  the Wanaque Library Board of Trustees