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Works Cited and Acknowledgements.
My hearty thanks go out to all who have helped with the creation of the Wanaque Area Local History Archive.

To Sam DeBenedetto whose collection of historical photographs, realia, and knowledge served as an inspiration to begin this project, and whose contribution of materials contributed greatly to the display presented.

To Bill Trusewicz for making available many of the historical photographs included here and for sharing his knowledge of the local history, particularly of the early iron mining industry.

To the Technology Bond Fund administered by the New Jersey State Library for supporting this digital archiving project with a generous grant, which went toward the purchase of the computer where the work was accomplished.

To Louis P. West, Sr., whose early collecting of historical photographs has inspired a new generation of collectors and enriched this younger man’s effort.

To Clinton W. Ackerman, for being there with a camera.

To Minnie May Monks, who loved these hills and valleys, and the clear water that nurtures us to this day.

To Vernon Royle, who understood what people see and what a camera sees, and thereby provided us with a window to the bygone day.

Miller FallsTo Frank Pallatucci, for the work he has done seeing to the production of both the Golden Jublilee Book and the Diamond Jubilee Book, and for his permission to draw upon these works for the building of this Archive.

To Elsie Peters, Jeanette Biggio, and Saundra Storms Putnam, whose work and words presented in the two Jubilee books are now reaching a new audience through this online Archive.

To Mabel Monks of Pompton Lakes, on behalf of other living members of the Monks family, for her permission to draw upon the book Winbeam, by Minnie May Monks, and to reproduce some of the Vernon Royle photographs included in her book.

To Mal Sumka, who let me learn HTML.

To Christie Sayre and Sandy Schlosser, for helping me to apply what I learn in the interest of sound and practical information science.

The two photographs above are called, “The Bend in the Road” and “Miller Falls.” These and most of the unlabeled photographs appearing in this Archive were taken by Vernon Royle and were originally published in Winbeam, written by Minnie May Monks. Vernon Royle gave Minnie May Monks these photographs for inclusion in her book about growing up in West Brook Valley. They are presented here with the generous permission of living members of the Monks family.

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Related Works
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